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Best Maid & Butler in Yuma

Based in Yuma, at Coconos we offer a traditional service that emphasises a clean and tidy home you can be proud of each and every day. Our passionate, experienced staff will help keep your home well maintained, organised and sparkling. Fancy coming home to fresh milk in the fridge? Clean clothes, ironed and pressed? Your wish is our command. We’re here to serve. Just call on 9282469630 today!

Our experienced maids

Consistent and always reliable, our maids provide a flexible service to suit any needs at an affordable price. Whether it’s regular cleanings, garden maintenance or something else you require, our team of highly skilled maids have years of experience behind them and will certainly not disappoint.

Our top of the line service

Throughout our operation, we have had nothing but stellar reviews from our customers regarding our services. Our maids and butlers are always very attentive, making sure all needs are met and customers are pleased with the quality of service we provide. Our customer service is top of the line, as we aim to please all our customers no matter which service that we provide for them. That is why our customers continue to retain our butlers and maids.

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